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ParaCAD 09-14-2010 11:45 AM

[FL] Tomoka State Park
Just reserved my site at Tomoka State Park, FL. Glad to be getting in another weekend of camping before summers end..we booked 2 sites.

It'll be a family trip...My son is bringing his 2 friends. So (3) 12 yr olds riding in the back seat of the TJ from Ocala to good thing all three are skinny kids. I'll take a lot of pictures.

The tents and supplies will arrive earlier than us, as my brother-in-law will be throwing most our stuff in his truck :)

Some may know Tomoka State Park is right at Ormond beach, so i'll finally get to a beach drive a little in the jeep....

So if anyone is in the area, feel free to look for me on the roads and at the beach on Saturday, and swing by and say hi....i love camping.

WahooWolfe 09-29-2010 07:11 PM

how was the camping trip?

ParaCAD 09-30-2010 08:01 AM

Wow, forgot i even posted this :) thx...

We had a great time.

The campground was nice. Mosquitoes were abundant, but we came prepared, or at least I came prepared..went thru 3 bottles of :)
If i had some photo's from the trip still on my phone i would post some, but i deleted them. Went to Ormond beach on Saturday. Waves were nice. It was sunny, we all got a little burn...and the beach wasn't that busy.

The nights we're hot. it was fairly comfortable, sleeping..

It didn't rain all weekend until Sunday morning. We started talking about packing up, so we could be back home for the football thing you know the rain just dumped on us for about 15min. Long enough to soak everything...requiring us to pack everything up wet, and unpack it all and let it dry out back home...

We will be camping again in December, but this time at the Silver River State Park (less than 2 miles from my, and with the jeep club..Weather should be perfect here in FL for tent camping, cant wait :)

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