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Hendy 09-14-2010 06:04 PM

Axle fluid leaking
I have a significant amount of axle fluid leaking from the breather hose on the front axle. I changed the breather valve and it didn't stop it ($6.95 from the stealership, what a rip off for something that did help), the hose is not connected to anything, I found it dangling one day.

Anyone know where it is supposed to mount to? I am thinking I will just replace the entire hose this weekend, it's got to be cracked somewhere...

There is also a hose that is attached to the lower left side of the radiator. I think it is the transmission coolant whoojamathingy, or something. This is leaking too, any tricks to swapping out that hose without losing what is left of my tranny fluid, if that's what it actually is?

Sucks to have been stationed in upstate NY and New England for years, all that salt has apparently eaten through all my hoses.

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