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sillykid 09-15-2010 03:06 PM

largest tires stock axles can handle?
like title says i have a a d30 up front and d35 in rear what is the largest tire size i can run i also have 6 inches of suspension lift right now sitting on 32s

EdJonesJeeper 09-15-2010 03:21 PM

Thats it bub. 32's with light offroad action is all the d35 in rear can handle. Just don't get a locker in the rear

tracy 09-15-2010 03:23 PM

i have 37 swampers on my d30-35 but i think the 3.07 ratio is saving them.. babying it till i get 4.56 and alloys

G54 09-15-2010 03:28 PM

As was said, the 35 is the problem most likely. Unless you beef it up 32s or 33s are about it - without locker. And many would say that trying to make a D35 stronger is a waste of money - just get an 8.8 or a D44. The D30 however is pretty strong. Four Ultimate Adventure Jeeps ran 30s without issue this year - although with chromoloy shafts.

Actually I have heard many people make their D35 live a long life with 35s or bigger - you just have to be careful how you wheel it.

EdJonesJeeper 09-15-2010 03:33 PM

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Originally Posted by tracy (Post 773770)
i have 37 swampers on my d30-35 but i think the 3.07 ratio is saving them.. babying it till i get 4.56 and alloys

You must not have any hills in TX with 37's and 3.07

Build the 35 all you want to but you still have one major problem
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Ford 8.8 vs. Dana 35 ring and pinion
Bigger is Better

Splnkr 09-15-2010 03:59 PM

It all depends on how you wheel. If you take your time and make a concerted effort to keep all four wheels on the ground, the D35c will serve you well. All or nothing kind of Jeeper? Eventually you may damage your D35C with 33's or even 32's. Looks at all the blown 35c videos on YouTube and see what led up to many them. I am currently running 33's with my D35c, but I wheel (crawl) very slowly; 4WLo. If I was crazy fast I'd probably granade it. But I baby it till I can stick a D44 under there. I am stopping at 33's. So far no issue. And I agree that is it not money well spent to upgrade the 35c. According to my calcs, an axle upgrade can run upwards to $600 bucks or more. A Salvaged D44 axle, a grand or so. I'm gonna lock my D30 to 'help' my D35 keep up!

jskinn27 09-15-2010 04:19 PM

well they can handle a lot...depending if you wheel or how hard you wheel. my buddy wheels 33s on d35 open diffs and hasnt had a problem yet. but if you wheel i wouldnt recommend putting anything bigger than 33s. not to mention if you go bigger your rig will be struggling to keep highway speed and make it up hills.

doughenry 09-15-2010 04:56 PM

I have the alloy axels in my 35 with a ox locker and run 35/12.50 km2s without any problems just yet and im not the easiest on the jeep.As for the 30 it is stock and have never broke anything in it in the last ten years

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