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Divotmeister 09-16-2010 09:36 AM

Bad idea to order hard top online?
I am going to purchase a 2007 Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. I want to purchase a hard top to get through the Utah winters. Is this the type of thing where your best bet is to just go into the dealership and buy the Mopar brand? Or, are there better ones online? What is the best website for this?

I'm still not sure how you can buy a 300 lb hard top online and not have to pay for shipping, yet to mail a piece of paper still costs $0.42.

InfernoGirl 09-16-2010 09:47 AM

Shipping will kill you if you buy online.... Freight charges, over size charges, etc. Best bet is to check Craiglist, and other for sale ads in a reasonable driving distance. A Mopar top from the dealer will cost you big time. I just picked up a soft top from the dealer yesterday, if I'd paid for the whole thing it would have run me $1445 + tax.... :( Hard tops are more expensive......

Folks unload hard tops all the time, but unfortunately for you, mostly in the spring. Honestly, hard tops aren't required for winter driving, anyhwere.... Jeep heaters work great, just don't try to scrape the windows... :)

Hiker 09-16-2010 10:31 AM

I have been checking with both our local Dealers and with Mopar directly and so far, neither has the Freedom Hard Tops available. When I asked Mopar when they would be available.. they said that they "did not know" and that I should just keep checking their online website. They are very expensive to purchase this way (guessing with new pricing and shipping they may be somewhere around $2700).

So I do agree with InfernoGirl that something like Craiglist may currently be a better way to go to find a Hard Top at a reasonable price.

BTW.. Jeep changed the Freedom Hard Tops slightly for the 2011 models - the rear window is now larger.. and some are now being made in body matching colors.. this may have something to do with the delay in restocking.

bwdenman 09-16-2010 10:50 AM


Jeep heaters work great, just don't try to scrape the windows... :)

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