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Wallygator 09-16-2010 10:42 PM

Jeep hard starting
So I put in a new crank position sensor, No change. The fuel pump was shot so that was replaced. Fter the new fuel pump it was great for a while then started to crank longer than usual to start. I thought maybe the new pump was bleeding back the pressure cause it was only hard starting after sitting for a few hours or overnight. The shop said it was possible and agreed to replace it with another new one under warranty. Now it seems as if sometimes it starts good regardless of how long its been sitting and other times not so good. It always starts but sometimes has to crank for a bit. Never more than about 5-6 seconds but that still seems to long to me for a fuel injected vehicle. I have been told that if the engine is not turningover at a certian speed that will cause it. Something to do with sensors. Any ideas By the way its an 03 tj with a 4 liter

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