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jgremlin 09-17-2010 11:04 PM

No ABS light, no backup lights
Hello folks, I'm looking for suggestions. I've got an '03 TJ Sport and I had an issue earlier this year with mice chewing wires. They got the wires going into the fuel pump back on top of the tank as well as the wires coming out of the crank sensor. The Jeep was OTS for quite a few weeks while I tracked those issues down and got them fixed.

Its back on the road now but I've got one remaining issue. I've got no backup lights. I know I'm a geek but I actually use the backup lights regularly so I want them to work.

The wires on the fuel pump and the crank sensor were chewed so they were easy to find and fix once I knew what I was looking for. I've checked the wires going to the backup lights themselves and on the backup switch on the side of the transmission and they're all intact.

The fuse is good but the fuse for the backup lights on the 03 also has something to do with the ABS system. And I've noticed that the ABS indicator on the dash doesn't light up during the system checks after start up. This would seem to indicate that I'm not getting 12V from the fuse panel to the ABS module and therefore the backup lights, which are down stream as far as I can tell.

So I'm looking for suggestions on what else I can check or where else I can look. I really don't want to rip out the fuse block and dashboard looking for bad wires, but I'm not sure what else to do first. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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