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theojjj 09-18-2010 06:48 PM

jk stereo upgrade help
I have a 2008 jk unlimited, it has all the factory stereo in it. I want to put in a aftermarket sub. Can anyone help me with a couple of questions.
-Does the standard head unit have rca outputs, if so how many?
-What is the max rms on the standard speakers?
-Would i be able to connect an amp to the standard speakers to make them sound better?

Jma20a 09-18-2010 07:37 PM

a new headunit would be first. that would give you the ability to hook up a sub and an amp for upgrading the speakers.

Loic 09-19-2010 04:30 PM

on oem speaker I would think a max of 35 w rms (maybe more like 15..)

snobrder540 09-19-2010 04:53 PM

you don't want to amp factory speakers they usually have a max power of less that 20 amps. if you replace the headunit the factory speakers typically will sound a little better and then you would have the rca outs for a sub and possibly front and rear speakers. i'll be building a box for my tj to hold a sub and two amps(one for the sub and another for speakers) in the next few weeks. i'll post some pics as i do it.

theojjj 09-20-2010 03:06 AM

it looks like I'll be getting new speakers all round and a new headunit. Does anyone know the sizes of the standard speakers.

Jaydogg25 09-21-2010 11:41 AM

stop by a local stereo shop and have them look @ your factory radio. starting about 2007 w/ the wrangler they started to use can-bus wiring for radios.. so may not be a normal $15-$20 wire harness. may need the $130 one. just a little warning. 2008 wrangler radio parts

you probably have the factory Infinity system in the jeep as it is...which makes it alittle more fun to do. since there will be a factory amp in there. sometimes can't just swap stuff w/o changing everything. some of these systems already cross over the factory speakers and aftermarket are made to run more full range.

if you do have the infinity system and a can-bus wiring i would realy look into how much you plan to spend. bc sometimes you may have to replace radio & all speakers as well as re-wire speakers to radio. though sometimes you get lucky and can use factory amp and just replace speakers.

if the only thing your looking to do is add a sub and you like the way jeep sounds then just do that. you can do that to any radio. no rca's on factory radio. only difference on installation from a factory radio compaired to aftermarket are the rca's & amp turn on wire. though u can get a line level converter to change factory speaker wires to rca's make sure you get full range signal or factory sub signal. it's not as clean as a aftermarkt signal but will get the job done..sometimes if you turn off radio you may get a "thumping sound" since amp turn on wire would be hooked up to ign. source and not amp turn on off a aftermarket radio.

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