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KentuckyRubicon 09-19-2010 07:37 PM

06' Rubicon wheel and tire size???
Well as you can see i am newby here on WF. But i assure you that i am not new to Jeeps. I am now on my 3rd. the 1st was an 82' ,CJ-5,. no mods and had major issues. 2nd was a 93' ,YJ, that was lifted 4" with 33's. And then Current one is an 06' Rubicon,4.0L I6 and 6speed manual,with 28000 miles. Stock for now but already have a ton of Plans for it.
The question that i have you all you other Jeep guru's is this. My old 93' YJ had a 4.0L and 5 speed Manual. With that set up i had an issue that i dont really want to get into with my New one. The issue was that with the 33's tires on it i could not use 5th gear in the "old 93". Unless i was driving on a flat road and driving with the wind, 5th gear was useless. I guess, just not enough power. Well that was the only issue i even had out of the "old 93". other then that i loved that Jeep. Only Sold it because of joining the Military.
Well i am out of the service now and got a new toy. What i need to know is, How big can i go on the tires of the 06' Rubicon without loosing usage of 6th or 5th gear. I am planning on a lift (3.5-4.5 depending on tire size) so i am not (like so many others out there) worried about clearance. I am just worried about performance. I love the way my Jeep performs now. And i know that you can't drive a lifted Jeep the way you might drive a stock one. But i dont really want to loose the use of 6th gear. So how big can i go?
I had planned to do a 4.5" lift with a set of 35" tires. But i was cautioned by a cousin, who is another Jeep enthusiast, not to get into the same situation with my 06' Rubicon. I want the height and clearance that the lift and 35' would provide, but not the headache. Others have told me that if all i plan on doing with it is around town and wheeling then dont worry about it. But if i was taking long trips in the Rubi, which i dont plan on doing, then look for a middle ground.
Well if you have read this much, i just want to Say Thanks and i appreciate any advice you have.
Thanks Again!!!
Shay :deadhorse:

Fweaky 09-20-2010 12:54 AM :: Gear Ratio & Tire Size Chart

If you plan on running 33's or 35's and using all of your gears you will most likely need to regear.

blkrubi88 09-20-2010 05:50 AM

Welcome to the forum!

stangfreak 09-20-2010 11:09 AM


KentuckyRubicon 09-23-2010 09:56 PM

well thanks for the welcomes. And Fweaky I am hearing the same thing from the local shop. They said the same thing. Going to a set of 483's or so is what they suggested.

InfernoGirl 09-23-2010 10:10 PM

Depends.... If you want 35's and are prepared to spend the $ to regear, then go for the tires first... If you hate it, regear. But, depending on your terrain and expectations you may not hate it, and presto! Instant mod money! :) I was told by everyone that I'd be ready to kill myself for putting 33's on my 3:07 gears.... Everyone!!!! But after 7 months of driving on them, I'm still here, still driving on them, and have no problems with them what so ever.... So I vote to give it a go, and if you hate it, change it.

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