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91wranglerbase 09-20-2010 08:51 AM

lift - what would you choose?
We would like to eventually do a simple lift, enough to put 33x12.50's on the jeep. We are running 31x10.50's on TJ canyon wheels now on our 91 YJ with stock suspension. We get some rubbing as expected but we bought the jeep this way and looks good until we can save up for a real lift.

I have researched quite a bit thought I'd solicit your opinion.

On the TJ side of the world lots of people are very happy with a puck lift and JKS BL and MML to clear 33's.

In the YJ world I see lots of people going with 4 inches of suspension lift for the same tire. I have been looking closely at either doing a 4 inch rough country or similar lift with new no lift shackles and hardware and transfer case lowering kit or doing a 2.5 inch lift with a 1.25 inch MML and body lift from JKS. Like everyone else I am worried about driveline vibration and really don't plan to do the SYE and driveshafts.

Our goal is to put a bigger tire under the jeep, replace worn suspension parts, and get a little more flex. The most agressive offroading we'd do is probably fire-roads on the way to hiking destinations, or maybe jumping curbs in traffic jams, haha.

What is the best combo for light offroading and preserving the factory drivetrain?

Also, if you have a rough country 4 inch lift, could you post your experience with driveline vibrations (or lack thereof) when installed with the transfer case lowering kit?

Liv2play-244 09-20-2010 09:21 AM

I wish i knew! If anyone would like to reply to this this I would like to know as well. I got a 2006 wrangler X TJ and ive been looking to go up 4" as well. But I need something that will be strong while im out playing off road.

91wranglerbase 09-20-2010 09:54 AM

Quickly I would like to clarify that I know there really isn't an equivalent to the TJ puck/spacer lift for a YJ, unless one goes with a lifting shackle, which personally I don't think I'd go for. Just simply saying that folks who can go spacer lift on TJ jeeps seem to like the suspension/body lift combo.

Seems like folks who also go for lifts from OME also combine with BL/MML since the OME lifts are typically shorter lifts.

Let us know what you think - under three inches of suspension lift with a 1.25" body lift and MML like JKS or all suspension?

Ibuildembig 09-20-2010 10:01 AM

I spring over every YJ and never look back. The ride is tenfold better than any lift spring you will find.

91wranglerbase 09-20-2010 10:33 AM

I think SOA lifts are cool, have seen several CJs and YJs recently done this way. Personally I didn't want to go SOA, thought it to be too much lift and too pricey ultimately...gets into how much stress stock axles, diffs, and bearings that have 123k miles on them can take with over 33 inch tires. Not only that but wouldn't that pretty much mandate SYE and longer driveshafts? If I did this I'd want to build up the axles and everything you can't see first, which by any estimation would put the work out of reach of the $600-$800 budget I've got working for the lift doing the work myself.

Also since I don't know of any good offroad shops in my area, I have grown uncomfortable with the idea of some hack not setting the perches right, and I can't do the welding myseslf. Of course, the SOA is cool because it does allow you to help set the pinion angle....but generally too much of a build for my first go round. Maybe we could build up to that one day.

Right now I'm looking for something more mild since this will be the first time I've lifted a truck and have a thin budget. Good thought though, if I am missing something on the SOA let me know.

Ibuildembig 09-20-2010 10:39 AM

I just bought everything a few weeks ago to do a 95 that dad has and it was only like 400 bucks. You don't need a SYE, I've done 9 of them now and never had a DS vibration. Your wanting to clear 33's anyway, and that is the best way to clear them where its usable (ie in the woods with no rubbing). My last personal jeep was a 93 and had 145K on it before I SOA'd it. I drove it until it had 218K on it and never replaced anything so the mileage doesn't matter as long as it was taken care of along the way. I understand its a bit more than you can tackle for a first kit...but I am sure there is someone you can call to weld the perches on there for you.

Rebuilt 09-20-2010 10:51 AM

Rubicon express 4" suspension lift or skyjacker

countryboy6.0 09-20-2010 03:52 PM

The rough country 4" is an awesome lift for the price. No problems with it at all.

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