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mattyd 09-21-2010 08:14 AM

Suggestions for Moab Jeep rentals and Accommodations
Looks like I have to take a business trip to Denver here in October. Planning on taking the wifee and spending some time touring around in celebration of our 25th anniversary as well. We have not made it to Telluride or Moab yet. I am thinking of doing a day of jeep rental and trails most likey in Moab. Anyone have recommendations on Jeep rentals, trails to take, and places to stay? Thanks.

XtrmTJ 09-21-2010 10:44 AM

Several rental places there in Moab. Do "Golden Spike" for sure !

mattyd 09-21-2010 10:53 AM

Thanks for the suggestion. Having not done this type of thing before...what should I expect? Are these do it yourself trips or group rides? How long would you guess it takes...meaning half day rental/trip or whole day rental/trip? Is this a very technical ride or more basic? Suggest renting their gps deals or are things well marked and not an issue in getting back in time? Thanks again.

XtrmTJ 09-21-2010 03:36 PM

Other then EJS, I think you are on your own. There is a book, forget the name, that gives you all the trail names / ratings, GPS marks and such as that. Id do an all day rental if you want to see more than just the parking lots of Moab. Just like any where, some trails are easy, (Fins N Things) some are harder (Golden Spike) and some are wild (Pritchet Canyon). Some trails are well marked and some are not. Do some home work and it will be an enjoyable trip. Have fun! Stay Safe! :punk:

village idiot 09-21-2010 03:51 PM

"Guide to Moab, UT Backroads & 4 Wheel Drive Trails, 2nd edition" by Charles A. Wells. It's $18.45 from Amazon. This is the definitive text that lists all the trails with excellent descriptions, and ranks them all from easiest to hardest. Google Moab jeep rentals, there are several decent outfits. They don't want you to take their jeeps on the most difficult runs such as "Behind the Rocks" or "Pritchett Canyon". For understandable reasons. They do allow Hell's Revenge, and it's a must for the true Moab slickrock experience, and only takes 3 hours or so. Lots to choose from.

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