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cheap jjep 09-21-2010 03:51 PM

engine troble
I have two problems that I need help with. if this isnt the correct place then i appolagize for wasting you it goes.
It is a 97 tj 4.0 , intake spacer, headers (with no cat converter) also the 02 sensors are inop due to the after market exhaust (check engine light is on).
First, it takes atleast two attempts to start. If i let it crank for a while it may start the first time, but it would take some time.
Second, while driving down the road it hesitates and sputters. It feels like the jeep is surging while driving. On hard accelerations it almost feels like it quickly stalls and restarts.
My question is do you people think it is the computer making adjustments due to the o2 sensors. or could it be a fuel pump/filter/check valve issue. any other ideas are welcome

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