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jeclair 09-22-2010 03:47 AM

!st time Jeep owner
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Hi to everyone, I'm picking up a jeep this Sunday & I have found all the answers here w/ a search about questions that I've had but I have something that haven't really found a direct answer too . So here's my question, There is a red pull button on floor of jeep between the front seats & shifter, any idea what this is for ? current owner ( until Sunday ) doesn't know, it just stays pulled up. I'm thinking this is for the vacuum for the 4 wheel drive that these jeep are so known to have problems with, possibly a upgrade for the vacuum ? I will post a pic of it. Thanks for the answers , love this place !!!!

Barrie 09-22-2010 03:52 AM

Have you tried to trace it back to what it's hooked to, looks like a line-lock for the brakes or fuel shut off for heavey equipment. Trace it back and see where if leads and let us know.

jeclair 09-22-2010 03:56 PM

I get it Sunday so after driving it all day I'll stop & trace it. Was just wondering if someone knew just from the pics , thanks...

NAVYCHIEF 09-22-2010 04:07 PM

look at the 4x4 system. on the right front axel is the vacuum engagement sys. is the red knob hooked to a cable going there? if so it is a posi-lok system for engaging 4 wheel drive.

jeclair 09-22-2010 04:22 PM

that's what I'm thinking after researching it, I get the jeep on Sunday so I'll trace it down. Thanks.....

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