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SquarePusher 10-02-2010 02:31 PM

Off roading tricks and tips!!!- lifts and tires
I am just curious if some of the trail/mud crowd would enlighten a newer jeep owner on some of the mods and rigging they have done to keep their jeep solid and running for longer trail rides with lots of water/mud .

Personaly I am having a battle with myself on what Tires and or Lifts or suspenion upgrades I want to do. I want to spend about $1500 give or take on some upgrades but I am not sure what to start with.

The one problem is my jeep seems to go through anything that I throw at it BUT I know my limits so I dont go in the heavy mud where the guys with 40's go , I climb alot of hills that the lifted jeep dont go up and I also ride hill ridges that lifted jeep wont go on either.I have to say I am scared to lift just simply because I am changing to much weight distribution and swaying away from the original form.
I have read on here that a 31 10.5 tire is a good way to go and doesnt kill the jeep and force you to beef up stuff.

If I dont lift what steering and suspension do you guys suggest would be good stuff to change ?

I really need that front steering(pitman arm) for sure the ball joint is very loose .

If I stay at stock what are some good shocks I can throw in there to smooth it out a bit . Right now it is a bit more chingy bang bang than I like.

Are you guys all using elec fans? I dont have a cooling problem at all but I am curious.

One more huge ???????question????? when I go through deep water to fast I get a bog that takes a few seconds to clear up is that the distributer cap getting wet or is it the carb ? I have a weber carb and a open airfilter setup ----any links to home made snorkels would be great too.

Either way thanks in advance for your tips and tricks ...sorry for so many questions.

s_man692000 10-04-2010 02:15 PM

What I have done to mine is even though everyone hates them is made my own 1" lift shackles,removed track bars ,added 31 x 10.50 x 15 m/t tires ,added electric fan,front and rear tow hooks (never know if you will need to help or be helped) ,removed fender flares (check your local vehicle laws before doing this) or go to ,as far as offroad performance this is all I have done everything else is just usual vehicle maintenance,which is highly adviseable if you plan to go on long trail rides.I suggest going over everything,and if you hasve never done so change all your diff and drivetrain fluids with quality product and grease everything that has a zerk fitting on it .An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure .Good luck man and happy wheeling .

The Yeti 10-04-2010 10:43 PM

I have seen several people make homemade snorkels, Some I have seen have used gallon paint cans to house cone air filters, and then ran pvc out the side of the fender and up. I have heard problems people run into with snorkeling carbs is that people forget to run their vent tubes off the carb up high with the snorkel and end up sucking up water in the carb through the vents. Also I have heard you can put grease on the distributor and that helps with water getting in it. I have never tried that though. You might also want to consider running your exhaust higher up behind the jeep also, because if the jeep stalls in water or you shut if off in a mudhole then you can suck water into the engine and that gets expensive fast. Always check the depth of a mudhole or water crossing first too. ( ask me how I know R.I.P. 91 Toyota pickup) lockers will help too, and with 31s if you aren't too heavy on the skinny pedal it shouldn't cause a problem.

SquarePusher 10-05-2010 06:46 PM

I did the clutch start engage disconnect ,so ican battery power out of a puddle I am curious about any venting on the trans or diffs that might be invaded with water ,,,is there easy fixes for that or is it not a really big issue ?
I generally dont swim with it but I will encounter larger puddles on the trails around my area.
Any other tips would be appreciated.

RSC17 10-05-2010 08:11 PM

route your ventlines up out of the way of the puddle. i ziptied my front vent tube to the horn bracket. haven't touched the back tube yet, that one hasn't plugged up yet :D

check out my build thread for some tips/reviews on the pretty standard procedure to get "trail-ready"

also the yj lift review thread has some good information on the different types of lifts.

The Yeti 10-05-2010 09:57 PM

yeah like RSC17 said, any vent tube you have run it as high as you can. I'm pretty sure the t-case has a big one, I can't remember if it's the t-case or tranny, but definitely run your vent tubes off the differentals up and out of the way.

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