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Kristavsmichigan 10-04-2010 10:22 PM

craiglist guy offerin liftw
So anyone else see the guy on craiglist offering to do lifts and have the parts?

( craigslist Detroit/ or Michigan. Type in jeep wrangler in a search on the left ).

Idk I contacted him he gave me a number

YoYo-Pete 10-05-2010 08:56 AM

This guy?

OlllllllO Jeep Wrangler LIFT KITS+INSTALL

Let me know what happens if you call. Just out of curiosity. I have no advice on this either way.

Kristavsmichigan 10-05-2010 09:08 AM

Yes I emailed him he's a teacher and a liensed auto guy and he has 30 years experience I told him I want a 4" lift I have a 3" now and I only want coils and a t case drop ( whatever else goes with) and i'd work out a deal to give him my old lift lol. Well see he said for a t case drop parts included 125 and he works out of his garage I just dknt wanna come bak n my jeeps stripped lol

YoYo-Pete 10-05-2010 12:21 PM

Sounds like a good deal... It's nice to find the guy who just loves working on stuff.

Johnny HotFoot 10-05-2010 12:28 PM

where's he at?

Kristavsmichigan 10-05-2010 10:27 PM


I got a reply from him he said he's a teacher and had a liense for auto and works on jeeps as a hobby and extra money. But his prices are really high he charges 300$ for labor and 125$ for a tcase drop ( with parts included ). I asked him about a 4" lift and said I have 2.5" coils now and if we could make a deal to swap on 4" and he can keep my 3 month old coils n deduct it from the price he didn't answer me and said he'd charge 300$ for parts and then 300$ for labor. And even being a girl I know how easy a coil switch is... & since mine have been done my stock bolts are all easy to remove or replaced with new so no problems there. He I think is way to high my grand total would be 725$ for parts and labor and that doesn't count gas to him and having to get someone else to pick you up because it might take two days. Good idea but bad fees if anything have the person buy parts and you do labor by hour or something or atleast cheaper then parts

yellowjacket 10-06-2010 06:01 AM

If u are just doing coils and a tcase drop. Thats a afternoon and a 12 pac.

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