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05wranglerdean 10-07-2010 02:10 PM

rough idle, lunging forward
Hey all, I wondered if anyone would give me a hand with this one. My 05 wrangler X now and then would idle rough between 700-1000RPM up and down mostly at stop lights, and coming off the highway at the first stop the RPM's would dive low but not kill the motor and come back up.
I replaced the TBS. I also removed and cleaned the bah-geezers out of everything throttle body wise while I was at it.
the roughness eventually evened out a little and the diving went away all together.
its been a few months now and now I have a slightly different issue. first start in the morning now is a 2000 RPM warm up, that takes 2-3 minutes to calm down even if you pump the gas. in highway traffic when slowing as traffic slows I get a 1000-1200 RPM lunge, that nearly has driven me into the car in front of me a few times. The RPM's fluctuate a few hundred up and down but just now and then.
Dealer said computer, but I wondered if an Idle Air Control valve might be a good starting place. Jeep runs and drives fine, and other than the lunging thing, i can live w/ some rough idle. its been tuned, the filters are all new, ive cleaned all the appropriate parts, used cleaner additives in the gas, adn ran higher octane fuel, but no change, so I'm ready for parts now I guess. any thoughts???? also are non OEM IAC vales ok if thats the suggestion?

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