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allenstan 10-07-2010 04:48 PM

A/C question
Okay guys I'm new here so I hope I'm posting on the right thread. My 2003 Wrangler X A/C blower only works on the third and fourth settings, and I get nothing on the first two. After reading some of the threads here I have seen where only the top fan setting works, and all different combinations of settings work but none that were the top two blower settings. Should I assume it is also the blower motor resistor or is there something else I need to check? Local mechanic wants $150.00 just to check and this is ridiculous. I can change the blower motor resistor myself from the directions I have seen on this site if indeed this is my problem. Help!!

bc40ton 10-07-2010 05:30 PM

It might be one of two things, the resistor your talking about and sometimes the back of the switch overheats and gets burned leading to problems. Pull that resistor first and take a look. Maybe you can tell by that.

Dockman4 10-07-2010 06:18 PM

Yeah, definitely do the resistor first. I had the same problem and the resistor just about crumbled in my hand. Mine only worked on "high", so I knew that was the problem. Right after I fixed it...the fan motor went out. Still fixed it all for under $150.00 though.

allenstan 10-13-2010 04:02 PM

Guys thanks for the info. I will be fixin this this week, but I have another issue that has just come up I sure would appreciate some feed back on. Yesterday when backing in the garage I heard something kind of pop, and now when I drive the Green Monster she makes poppin sounds under the front end that sound dangerous, although she drives ok. Stopped and had it looked at today, and as usual the mechanic tells me it's something it's not. First the guy tells me it's the ball joint, but I get up under the rack with him and although they look a little worn I can tell they aren't making any noise when you move the tires. So after he tells me I need both upper and lower Ball Joints replaced, plus the stabilizer link kit, and computerized wheel alignment I get an estimate of $1,190.26! Needless to say when the mechanic put the jeep back on the ground I asked him to listen while I bounced the jeep like I was checking the shocks and sure enough you could hear the noise I was talking about. I had him climb under it and the noise was coming from the Stabilizer Link, and not the ball joints. My question after much air blowing at you guys is this: Do I need to have upper and lower ball joints replaced when I have the Stabilizer Link Kit replaced, or am I good just doing the Stabilizer Kit, and is $283.83 a good price for getting the link kit replaced or should I shop more, perhaps at the jeep dealer? We are new to this area and unlike my former address where I had a personal mechanic I would trust my kids with, I don't know or trust anyone in this neck of the woods yet. Thanks for all your advice and I can't say how much I appreciate this forum!

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