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91wranglerbase 10-07-2010 10:03 PM

question for those with aftermarket steering wheels
Picked up a Grant three spoke steering wheel from the local parts store.

It went in without a hitch in terms of fit, adapter kit, everything slipped on easily. Looks great, goes well with what I am trying to do to restore the interior.

Problem is the horn. The steering column has a spring loaded contact tab that put positive current into the horn assembly for the factory wheel. The factory horn button has a flex plate on top of an isolator that flexes down to the wheel frame, which is grounded, completing the horn circut.

The problem I have with the grant wheel is that the spring loaded contact pin for the horn is underneath the steering wheel lock ring, which has to be removed with a special tool. It fits through the adapter hub for the aftermarket steering wheel but since the pin contacts the steering wheel, the horn will honk all the time. There really isn't a way to insulate the contact pin and route a wire to the aftermarket horn button as Grant designed the adapter kit. I really didn't want to remove the lock ring even if I had the tool; it looks like a good way to open a can of worms inside the steering column that isn't worth a $30 steering wheel.

Right now the wheel is on and looks great, and I just pulled the horn fuse. If nothing else I can wire a circuit off the fuse panel to a momentary switch on the dash if I really wanted a horn.

I just wondered how folks with aftermarket steering wheels have handled this issue. Thanks, let me know your thoughts or ideas.

minigfather 10-07-2010 10:27 PM is the steering wheel i put in mine. got it for $30 or so bux and got the adapter kit for like $30. I had to pull the factory spring part out of the column. it gives you a little black collar that the new longer spring goes into and gets put in the factory hole. that is then hooked to the end of wire that gets routed through the hub groove and then attaches to the plate. i had to pull the grant hub adapter back off cuz i lined it up wrong and put the "B" spot of the hub at 12 oclock in stead of the "A". Hope this helps you out bro......

tslroper 10-08-2010 01:07 AM

While I dont have an aftermarket steering wheel, I've had to pull the column apart to replace the signal switch. Autozone will loan you the lockplate remover for a $20 deposit and there really isnt too much to mess up in there. It's all pretty straight-forward so dont be afraid to pull it off if it turns out you have to.

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