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mm5300 10-08-2010 09:15 AM

HVAC light replace
I did some searching on the forum and it seems like everyone has done some sort of color change to their dash lights in this regard. I apologize if I missed any posts that had the info, but I need some help. I decided I was a little tired of the lights on HVAC control for my '01 TJ being low. I'm not sure if one light was out, or what, but it was very dim on the blower light side. So I took out the HVAC control and took off the front panel of the HVAC control to try to turn on the lights to see if any were out. I had pulled and reinserted the lights before I did this. However, now it looks like none of the lights go on for the HVAC. Everything else works as designed except that. First, do they work in serial and if one goes the others go? And does anyone know where to get some basic stock like (although probably a little brighter) replacements for these? I just want to have some lighting for those knobs. Any help would be appreciated!

jpg103 10-09-2010 03:25 AM

Below is a link to the thread on this forum which guided me as to how to change out my interior dash lighting. From what I understand regarding my '03 TJ (and I'm assuming for your '01) is that the HVAC control lights are Type B bulbs which you can find on I got the #74 LEDs for my dash from however they don't stock the Type B. I'm going to order some this weekend to finish off my blue LED interior conversion. I'm also going to order three of the Type B bases for these bulbs.

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