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sdgmcdon 10-10-2010 02:40 AM

Another Proud New Rubi Owner :-)
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Ordered it just over a month ago and picked it up yesterday, lovin it so far! Luckily it was nice out yesterday so I could take the front tops off.

Had a technology overload in it today too with the family; freaked me out but in the end pretty funny. Sitting in the parking lot of my daughters VB game getting ready to leave, moms in car next to me, daughter and two of her friends in the back, wife in front and mom and I both (in seperate cars) were trying to find a nearby place for lunch on our nav systems. Apparently I was resting my hand on the voice command button on the steering wheel because in all the chaos of the kids in back, mom in the next car over, wife being the wife next to me the thing was trying to call everyone and their mother, trying to do this and that...wouldn't shutup and finally in pure panic I was trying to turn it off telling it "shutup shutup!" and then all of a sudden things quieted down (kids and everything) and out of the silence the MyGig says "Did you say 'I love you'?"...That just sort of made the day with this thing. Wife was in tears laughing on that one.

Anywho, lesson learned with that button!

Can't wait to get it muddy now :-)
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And yes, from previous threads those are Duratrac 285/70/17's on it and yes, they DO rub...only at full turn lock though and not horribly even then, just barely...I'm up in the air on what to do about it if anything (may just get use to never fully turning, dunno). Even if I have to get use to not fully turning (until it's time to lift it etc), it was rainy as can be out today and I couldn't even tell the roads were wet with the way it drove, definetely worth it (plus it looks a bit beefier too :D - Worth it).

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