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DirtyMuddTrucks 10-13-2010 05:31 PM

From Toyota to Jeep HELP!!! =)
Hi there!

I am selling my 85 toyota 4runner and 2004 toyota tundra to purchase a jeep. I have been eyeing the 2009 4door saharas 4x4 with the custom wild boar hard top. What do you guys think? I had a jeep back in the day 2door 1994, loved it.

I am not sure between the differences of the different jeep series or any specifics like that. Is it a wise choice do you think?


Dirty Mudd Trucks

6InARowMakesItGo 10-13-2010 05:53 PM

always a good idea to get a jeep i think.

InfernoGirl 10-13-2010 06:02 PM

What 6ina... said! :) Welcome to the forum :wavey:

Owen_TJ 10-13-2010 08:44 PM

Definitely a wise choice to go with a jeep...

maheshgupta356 10-14-2010 02:28 AM

Jeep is best .............

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