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JeepDipper 10-15-2010 12:34 AM

custom jeep build with ?s
hay guys and girls I decied to build my own mud truck with a jeep body :punk: and im thinking bout make my own frame or buying a k5 blazer frame and my questions will be in () marks. (Will it be easyer to buid my own frame or buying a blazer frame? If i build my own frame what steel should i use? How much do you think how much alll the steel will cost? What axles should i run? What trans should i run and transfer case and my gearing i should use?) and i know i want to have a light weight truck and i want to run a 350 small block. The max tire size im willing to run is 44in mud tires.
If yall can give me some info it will be really helpful

P.S ive done a research but idk what steel i should use. And should i run a trans break with slap shift.:wavey: oh and wave back :wavey:

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