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reondadomino 10-18-2010 10:19 AM

PCV Valve situation
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The PCV valve on top of my valve cover is really loose. It sits in the grommet but not securely. Haven't bought my manual yet so I was wondering if someone could tell me if this is normal? Or do I need to replace it?

And could this cause oil leakage? There doesn't seem to be oil coming from around the PCV valve but you never know.

aelwero 10-18-2010 10:49 AM

clean the PCV really well and stick a new grommet in. The rubber gets old and once the oil can seep in just a little, it goes downhill from there with a quickness. Replacing the hose will help considerably too.

You won't leak a whole lot of oil out of an old loose one, but it will leak some.

reondadomino 10-19-2010 05:50 AM

I went ahead and bought a new one and a new hose. The new one is considerable smaller and seems to fit in the grommet perfectly. The only trouble now is getting it to stay in the grommet. Dunno if it's tension from the hose or what, but the PCV valve gradually works its way out of the grommet... Think I'll take your advice and see about replacing the grommet today too.

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