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mcgyver1467 10-19-2010 12:30 AM

Building Boomerang Shackles
First off, I like building things, and second off, I'm cheap. I want to build a set of boomerang shackles for my YJ. I've done some research and most say to use 3/8" steel. I was planning on using 3/8" Now, If I use 3/8" I will have to replace all my shackle bolts because that extra little bit will have the nut too far to the bolt end for the nylon lock ring in the nut to do any good. I found a large piece of 12" channel 1/4" thick that was from a building under construction. (It was given to me) Now, it is spring steel. Its made to flex under a load like wind, roof weight etc. Like a vehicle chassis. Would this be good or bad for a set of shackles? :confused:

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