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MCDavis 10-19-2010 07:50 AM

PIAA 520 wiring help needed
Bought a used set of PIAA 520 SMR's. Wiring harness looks new, lights are used. A few questions:

1. I couldn't test them before I bought them (but also paid very little for them): How can I test them without wiring them up completely? The wires coming out of the lights have a coupler already on them, so I can't just touch positive and ground to see if they work.

2. I want to use a factory fog light switch instead of the supplied PIAA switch. How do I wire the back of the factory switch, and do I just cut the PIAA switch off the wires?

3. I keep reading about an inline fuse, but there isn't one in the supplied PIAA wiring harness. Does the relay have a fuse in it, or am I supposed to add one somehow?

Here's a link to the installation instructions that shows the PIAA wiring harness (Page 5):

Thanks for any help!

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