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Kempton 10-19-2010 09:38 AM

A/C system clogged
Any buddy ever have any luck blowin compressed air through the drier and condenser to un clog it? I put a new compressor on and the a/c man said the system was still clogged and thats why the compressor won't stay on. ??

rrich 10-19-2010 11:59 AM

Through the condenser yes, but not through the drier.
Use some "Flush" - send it through the condenser with air pressure. You can use a small funnel to get it in the lines, then the air pressure. It should come out free and easy. Catch and look closely if it washes anything out - tells you what's been plugging it.

The condenser is more complicated inside - the success of forcing air through it will probably destroy the inside, clogging it more. Often it's the thing putting junk in the system and plugging - the inside tend to fall apart. It's just a filter.
Replace - they are not expensive.

Find the tiny orifice - expansion valve - they have such a small hole they plug up easily. Almost impossible to clean, but they are cheap to replace!

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