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macarollo 10-19-2010 12:35 PM

What is this Repaired Title wrangler worth?
1994 Wrangler yj

Is this worth considering? How much is it realistically worth?

shipjim 10-19-2010 08:50 PM

Have your own mechanic check it out. If it passes inspection and your mech. 4k would be ok. Why no winch?

ammoniaman 10-19-2010 08:54 PM

Sounds hight to me for a Repaired title. My cousin bought a 98 Sahara for $4000 because of rebuilt title.

Jollyczar 10-19-2010 09:21 PM

I got my '97 sport stock in good condition w/104,000 miles for $3900.... $4k for a YJ with a rebuilt title definitely sounds high to me. Check KBB.....

6InARowMakesItGo 10-19-2010 09:53 PM

in my area a jeep like that one would go for 3000 without the repaired title business. i would keep shopping around unless you have a mechanic look at it and give it the all clear. even still seems high.

macarollo 10-19-2010 10:23 PM

He wants $5000 with the winch. $4000 without. I asked him how flexible he is on the price knowing that it is rebuilt, but I haven't gotten a response yet. I was thinking it is worth $3000 maybe.

Tarby 10-19-2010 10:37 PM

$4000 isn't bad for a reconstructed title, as long as it is a CLEAN wrangler. My '95 is reconstructed, but I did the work myself at the shop I work at. Mine was in a salvage yard sitting for sale with no axle attached to the front, no pass. side fender, a wadded hood, and tattered soft top. I had looked for 3 years for a nice clean yj to rebuild, and this was cherry, so I jumped on it. It was wrecked in Georgia and brought up to PA. Frame had already been straightened, but I put it on the frame machine at work just to see the specs, and it was good. Like I said, if it is CLEAN, then it is worth it. I paid $3500 for mine, plus rebuilt it, but mine is totally rust free...and that is worth all the more in value to me than title designation...just this summer had a guy offer me $6000 for it and I still told him no. I haven't come across another yj or tj as clean as my '95 around my area to replace it, so I will keep it.[IMG][/IMG]

Owen_TJ 10-20-2010 12:19 AM

Just for reference, there was a 2004 salvage title 4.0L with 21K goin for 7400 here in my town just about a month ago...

burton160w 10-20-2010 12:22 AM

$4000 for a YJ is a little high. Around here, you'd pay $3000 for something comparable. The hardtop is a nice feature to have. I'd offer him either $3k or $4k with winch. Make sure it's clean overall and that it drives straight with no vibes up to 65. Easiest way to tell obvious frame damage.

BigEZ 10-20-2010 08:26 PM

I bet he'd take 4 w/ the winch. It's CL.
it's worth it if the tires are in good shape (think ~700+ for new tires) and assuming everything else checks. I wouldn't worry about the drivetrain too much as long as there is nothing glaring (weird noises; shifting issues.) Also CARFAX it; make sure it's not a flood rebuild. the fact that it's got those hideous rims is a bit of a detraction; but maybe you can find some kid to sell them to.

bobsalmon 10-20-2010 09:17 PM

I'm a mechanic & bodyman and I perform these inspections for the reconstructed title form in my state, PA. Prices vary state by state, of course. But, the perception by the public is to expect a lower price when they see the recon. title. I recommend finding out what specifically was replaced and or repaired. i.e. floor pan twisted? side rocker panels below the doors buckled? If it rolled, check the motor mounts, was the engine running while upside down for any length of time? PA has a certification process which ensures at least structural integrity. Perhaps your state offers this or a similar process. It helps on resale value later on if selling again. Have your own mech. look at it.

shipjim 10-20-2010 10:03 PM

I put new BFG k/O on for $925 and a winch #8000 for 500 so price your offer accordingly.

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