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theseacher 10-21-2010 08:22 PM

Need Help 98 jeep wrangler overheating
98 jeep wrangler ck engine on and off engine over heating?

98 jeep wrangler sport with v6 automatic - Ok drove 2+ hours to cities with 1 - 20 min stop no issues on return trip home ( about 3 hours later with minimal driving in between ) after 45 minutes at 65-75 mph engine light sounds and jeep is over heating - by the time I called service guys maybe 3-4 mins temp jumped back to almost normal about 210 - 215 and light goes off. Ten minutes later same nonsense light on temp up then after backing off on speed slightly drops back down to normal and lights off - continued drive home no issues. Now this jeep has just been serviced for all obvious maintenance needs and as it over heated about 3 weeks ago the thermostats has been replaced. So whats this clutch fan thing do and fan cowling is? Yes I am not a mechanic and I'm a woman but I am tool adept if I can replace the tranny on a washing machine I can figure this out if I understand what is causing the problem. My service shop is guessing clutch fan - but then he guessed thermostat last time - I don't have time to keep guessing while jeep is in and out of shop. saw another posting with 3 suggestions 1. clutch fan 2. catalytic converter 3. radiator cap this I know is good at least thats what shop said.. Also what is the normal temp for these jeep in 12 yrs of ownership I feel it has always run at about 210. This is a great vehicle and all my children have used it during college so I have just gotten it back and want it running sound. Any advice will be appreciated.

blkrubi88 10-22-2010 04:10 AM

You may want to post your question in TJ section for a better response, about all I can say, is welcome to the forum!

jeepjones 10-22-2010 04:39 AM

Although your mechanical fan is always turning it has whats commonly referred to as a clutch that engages when the temperature gets to a certain point. This "locks in" the fan to turn at the same speed as the engine to rapidly cool it down. When the temperature drops the clutch disengages and the fan speed will slow down. What can happen is either the bearings in the clutch will seize up and your fan will be turning at engine speed all the time which will not allow your jeep to run at normal operating temperature or the clutch itself basically stops working (sounds like your problem) and the fan will not engage to cool down your engine. It is actually a pretty straight forward repair that I'm almost certain you could do yourself. An easy way to test the fan clutch is to rotate it by hand (engine off), you should feel a slight resistance when you turn the fan, if it freely turns its no good, if it doesn't turn at all it's no good, if you can rock it up and down it's no good. If you don't already own one I suggest getting a Haynes or Chilton manual for your Jeep, it will walk you through most of the repairs you will have to do on the Jeep including the clutch fan replacement.

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