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kg4kpg 03-15-2007 10:04 PM

Anyone with an IC-V8000
I bought a Yaesu FT-7100m from a local ham for my jeep but I really want an IC-V8000. It is in real nice condition and has never been mouted before I got it. I only mounted it to see how it would fit, I haven't wired it up. Screen has no scratches. Now it is back in its box. Has the manual and mounting hardware. Here is a pic of it mounted. I would like to try to swap it for an Icom IC-V8000 2 meter radio.

What I want:


kg4kpg 03-16-2007 08:13 PM

Swapped. Thanks for looking.

KA5IVR 03-16-2007 11:12 PM

Man, that was fast. I like my (2) IC-V8000's.

I find them hard to program without the book. I got the Icom PC Program and now it is a snap.

kg4kpg 03-17-2007 09:14 AM

They are nice. I ended up selling the 7100 and buying a slightly used FT-2800M. A lot of the same features, but a lot less features as well. I was mainly wanting the weather bands and the severe weather alert, which it has. Skywarn is a big deal here so wanted a radio with a lot of power for a mobile but could get me through to NWS. All of our hospitals and county buildings have ham radios now, it's pretty cool. Even the National Guard is getting involed with ham radio, I have to call this captain about it this week. We'll be as ready as you can be when the next hurricane hits us (hopefully never).

KA5IVR 03-17-2007 12:46 PM

I am in RACES/AREAS here in the DFW Area. You are right, the local govt's, NWS, and one of our local TV stations (FOX4) are very active thru VHF during local Skywarn events.

During the Space Shuttle recovery effort in East Texas a few years ago, Ham Operators were requested to help out. Originally, they wanted Hams with 4-Wheel drives. Ham with a Jeep, Perfect! As it turned out, Hams had the only method to talk at first. Between the geography, pines trees, limited cell coverage, and the frequency's the various agency's were running, Hams had the common communications that would work. This included the Nation Guard radios! We set up repeaters, had operators with each group in the field, etc. After a week or so, they finally received enough infrastructure to work.

I now have a V8000 mounted on top of a power supply with some other stuff in my long activation "Go-Kit". The low Cost allowed this and it was the only radio that I thought met this purpose. I wish Icom had a UHF version in the same case and package.

kg4kpg 03-17-2007 01:18 PM

I was working in Plano the day the shuttle went down. I had just moved back to the DFW area and hadn't got active in any clubs or groups yet. I lived in Little Elm and worked in Dallas for three years before I got sent to Iraq and the company I worked for went under. Decided it was time for a change.
I guess this 2800 will do, until something new and fancy comes out, of course. ;)

KA5IVR 03-17-2007 03:49 PM

Small World! My girlfriend lives in Plano... :D

Plano's club is very active in AREAS and does a great job in Collin County.

KE5ETX 05-14-2007 09:34 PM

Sorry to rise the odl thread. . . but

Originally Posted by KA5IVR (Post 63528)
I now have a V8000 mounted on top of a power supply with some other stuff in my long activation "Go-Kit". The low Cost allowed this and it was the only radio that I thought met this purpose. I wish Icom had a UHF version in the same case and package.


I am interested in learning more about your portable set up with the V8000. Even the rest of your "Go-kit."

If this is not the forum for the information, feel free to email me with the information. My email is my call sign @


Stay safe


KA5IVR 05-15-2007 09:59 PM


Originally Posted by KE5ETX (Post 81938)

I am interested in learning more about your portable set up with the V8000. Even the rest of your "Go-kit."

I basically started with a web search on them and compared the contents of many different listings. You would have to have a semi-truck to carry all of the items listed on most of these sites list. I found out during the Shuttle recovery that you always need something you don't have, but enough of us showed up to share resources. Write you Call on or label your stuff! What type of Daily Driver do you have? How much storage is available? How much is your budget? Those kind of questions I asked myself.

Next, I looked at the activities I wanted to do with it. Storm Chasing, Public Service events, Disasters, etc.

Finally, I broke the Kit down into 3 units:
1. A small grab kit to go with my mobile equipment. Handheld, extra battery, flashlight, etc. Intended for just being out an hour or two during storm events.
2. A backpack with a duplicate handheld (TH-D7a) with a GPS to run APRS, 12v battery pack, rain gear, sunscreen, adapters, etc. for operating without shore power and being out for the day.
3. A long term kit with a V-8000 mounted on top of a power supply, antenna, coax, etc. for field setup using shore power or my portable generator. Sleeping bag, cot, portable chair, and that sort of stuff can be carried too, if you want. I can also take my mobile radios (HF/VHF/UHF) out of the truck and use with that same power supply which has extra Anderson plugs.

I tried not to duplicate any items in each part of the Kit and arrange them so that each part compliments the others. I tried to also get each to fit inside the bigger part (first two work). A lot of these website lists have the same items in more than one portion and I thought that was a waste of space and money. I do have two of the same handheld, but that is because they are doing different functions at the same time and I have a redundancy and they use the same batteries and accessories.

I have a Summer & Winter car kit that I carry in my truck anyway, so it has a first aid kit, leatherman, etc, so I did not include with the other Kit parts.

The Kit parts live in the closet and I have to dig them out about once a month to charge batteries and such. Some guys have vehicles that allow them to carry a lot of stuff with them all of the time, but I'm not a fireman and usually know the day before if we are expecting a chance of several weather. If we ever have a big disaster, I would just have to swing by the house first. I did use the V-8000 and power supply at home, but I switched mobiles and the extra one replaced it. V-8000's are cheap enough, that I could do this and I believe it is built tough enough to handle the treatment. :D

KE5ETX 05-20-2007 09:26 PM


Very informative. Thank you very much for sharing.

Stay safe


Towstrap 06-04-2007 01:24 AM

The v8000 is a nice radio, the only drawback is that it recives 136mhz-174mhz but can only transmit at 144mhz-148mhz. If you are involved with any type of off road racing you will not be able to transmit on the upper frequencies typycally 150mhz-174mhz. Unless it is modded to do so, which then makes it an illegal radio. You also may want to consider getting a standard mic for normal use, and use the keypad mic for programing purposes only. the reason being that the keypad mic is notorious for breaking down.

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