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LRMark26 10-22-2010 01:10 PM

Need Some Advice
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Hello Jeep World! Just got my first jeep in Aug and loving every second I get to drive it. I do have some questions to some problems I have with it however. I think one problem is common and addressed on here already but just want to be sure. I try to be mechanical but not very and live in an apartment so limited to what I can do at home.

2000 Wrangler 4.0 Manual about 90,000 miles

Issue 1.
Oil or Trans Oil Leak. About a 2 weeks after buying the Jeep it became harder/rough to shift into and out of 2nd. Thought I was running low on trans oil but can't check yet because I don't have the right tool. Got underneath and found oil dripping from the front of the trans (Picture 1&2) the oil color is brown. From looking on here it is probably the common rear main seal leak? Checked my oil level and it is still full. I don;t think it is leaking very much when the jeep is parked, haven't seen wet oil on the ground.

Issue 2.
Low Coolant. Found it strange that when I lifted the hood only a week after purchase from the dealership that the Coolant reservoir was empty. Now I also found it strange that I have some kind of clear no smell oily substance in the engine compartment. Found some puddles of it on top of the air filter box. Wiped it off and haven't really seen more. I added coolant about a month ago and now there is only about 1/4 left. Any thoughts?

Issue 3.
Rear Shocks. When driving there is a clunking noise in the rear. Got underneath to look at the shocks and found that the passenger rear is very very loose where it connects to the body. I am assuming that this is where the clunking noise is coming from. The driver side is loose as well but not as bad. I am thinking that the shocks are bad? I would think that they would be under constant pressure. If this is the case are they easy to change out? Can I change them without lifting the Jeep?

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