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ZC02TJ 10-22-2010 04:23 PM

Trouble starting, ideas?
So it all started when I broke the remote for my alarm during a concert, no biggie... I set it on valet mode and was good for about a year until had some problems with wires accidentally getting kicked and arming the alarm again at which point I had a mechanic take the alarm out. Unfortunately they didn't do this, all they did was set it on valet mode, take out the alarm sound, and remove my switch. Which was fine, until I left my lights on overnight one night, draining the battery and arming the alarm which was supposed to be removed. So I took matters into my own hands and manually removed the alarm myself. Unfortunately; in the process, the clip on the wire connecting to my starter broke and I just had to put it on and hope it stayed on. Which it did for a while. Now here's the current problem: I was running fine for about a month or two until yesterday I couldn't start the Jeep. I have plenty of battery power, lights work, radio works, etc. I push started it down my driveway, rode around my cul de sac, parked and turned it off and back on several times and was fine to go out for the night. Used it to go out, go to work, aaaaaand then today after lunch I go to start it and *click* no start. I make sure the wire is connected securely to my starter and then try again. No luck. So I push start it again and turn it off. No luck. So now I've had to push start it a few times today and not wanting to have to keep doing so or getting stuck somewhere, I am stuck w/ out my Jeep :( A friend of mine told me to just hit a junk yard and cut out a new wire to connect to my starter which will clip in and hope that works, but I can't get to a junk yard tonight so figured I'd ask the wrangler forum community for some advice. Any ideas? :) thanks...

p.s. its a 2002 TJ

pyrobling 10-22-2010 09:53 PM

Mechanics are mechanical and even though they may know normal electronics they don't always know after market. Hence why they probably didn't remove the alarm. Best bet would be a car audio place for removal and checking it. Normally about $40 (shop hour or whatever) to fully remove and make sure you're good. Try this place in your town...


I just googled car audio for your home dunno if they will do it but they can tell you where will. Push start and head straight there. Soon as the "brain" of the alarm is out and the wiring harness you should be good. Dunno which you have but Viper, Wasp, Hornet, all Directed Electronics alarms (about 90% of the market) have a starter or ignition kill switch that comes as a standard feature and since the mechanic didn't do the right job the brain is still probably triggering that switch. Good luck.

ZC02TJ 10-23-2010 09:36 AM

I already removed the "brain" of the alarm and wiring harness myself. It had the killswitch which was tied into the ignition wire so I removed it and reconnected to 2 and was running fine for a month or so. So the alarm is fully removed, now my problem seems to be with the wire (don't know the name) that clips onto my starter under the hood. My dad got to it before I could stop him and when something doesn't pop right off, he usually forces it thus breaking the clip that holds it in place. So guessing my next step is to find a Jeep in a junk yard and cut off that wire and replace mine so that it clips on securely.

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