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King of Beers 10-26-2010 07:04 AM

Front Drive Shaft
Did a bit of searching this morning and did not really find what I was looking for. So...

I have been having DW issues on my 04' Rubicon. I was under it yesterday checking the drive shafts and front U-joints for play.

The front drive shaft has a bit of lateral play (not rotational) in it about 1mm side to side. The movement is coming from the splines where one half slides into the other. I am fairly certain this is not ok.

So here comes my question.

Is there any reason to upgrade the front drive shaft? If so, what should I go with? I assume Tom Woods as he seems to be recommended quite a bit around here. But what should I ask for? Just tell him what I have and he will tell me what I need?

Currently my 04 Rubicon is stock save the tires. 265/75/16 BFG MT KM2 ~32"

I plan on, mid next year... hopefully, putting a Currie 2.5" lift on it. The $2k kit.

Eventually: Tummy tuck, small body lift (for tummy tuck), highline fenders of some kind, 35" tires.

Oh yeah, I love going off road! Nothing makes me happier than to Need to lock in the Diffs.

jgano23 10-26-2010 07:58 AM

tom woods it the name in drive shafts, but they are not the only place to get them. after my hubby lifted my cj it needed new drive shafts. we opted to go with a local drive shaft shop. this place makes custom drive shafts for all types of vehicles (farm tractors, tractor trailers, jeeps, etc.) i felt confident in my decision to go with them and am very pleased with the decision. they had the shafts machined and made for me in 2 days for $375 for the set. most drive shaft shops will even buy your old ones off you if they are in good enough shape and can be refurbished. i highly recommend using a local shop. if you have a problem you don't need to ship it out, wait for them to fix it, and then have them ship it back. plus mine are 100% American made (steel, machining, bearings, everything). It cost me less in time and $$$ going local, and supporting local business helps local economies.

King of Beers 10-26-2010 10:03 AM

Good points. Thanks for the info.

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