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wingsrgold 10-27-2010 07:40 PM

Finally on the road again
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Well it has been a process! Got me this 95 Sahara and the transmission cross member was hanging off the driver side frame rail. I also got a 92 frame which was supposed to be ready to go (sure). S i got started back the end of July I guess. A few friends helped get the body off and I was on my own. The donor frame that was supposed to be good to go had a bad intermediate cross member so I bout a mig and cross member and got started. Had that repair done and I didn't like the half ass repair on the rear shock mounts so I cut good ones off the 95 frame and proceeded to replace the ones on the donor frame then I found the rot under the shock mounts. O k no problem me and my mig and some plate (both sides) and that was good to go. So I re-bushed the entire frame and while doing the rear spring bushings - behold there was some more rot on the under side of the frame above the rear spring. O k what can you expect from a 92 frame good thing it was repaired, blasted, primed and painted before I got it I would have probably scrapped it. So some more plate and weld and we are ready for reassembly. well needless to say everything was going great got the axle assemblies moved then engine transmission transfer assembly moved and when I when to bolt the steering box to the frame rail it wouldn't line up. One of the few places the the p.o. had repaired and they screwed it up by welding a plat on the inside frame rail. Well this moves the steering box mounting plate in to far for bolts to line up. So after everything is Por-15 coated I ended up replacing the left forward frame rail. Well I got the assembling part winding down and was finishing up when I went to bolt the hoop bumpers on and there - right there on the inside of the rear frame cross member some more stupid gusset brackets that the P.O. decided to put in. Of course I had the gas tank and skid plate in. Oh well all in all a great learning experience. I told the wife to have the new hot dipped galvanized frame here in five years. she thought this frame would last longer than that. I told her it would but I will be 55 in five years and did not want to do this project when I am 60 (Ha Ha). Sorry about the long write up but it is as much fun as the jeep. WE are starting some body work now. New front fenders, all the stainless goodies (hinges and what not). Really glad I did this it was not that bad just a great experience and won't mind it the next time.

markharmon 10-27-2010 08:28 PM

If its any consolation I bought a 95 in April and it didn't leave the garage until about 3 weeks ago. Replaced or parched 95% of the driverside frame rail. But only had to patch end of passenger frame rail. Just last couple weeks finishing paint and putting all the pieces back together.

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