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Moabjeeper 10-31-2010 07:03 AM

Dana 30 HP swap checklist
Ok I finally found a Dana 30 Hp out of an 96 XJ. Thanks William auto salvage in Houston. Ive read a lot of threads about the swap but I want to make sure I have forgotten anything. Just ordered a reverse 4.10 , master overhaul kit, a new install kit for the ARB locker that I'm pulling from my LP housing. New inner axle seals. I'm swapping everything over axles, hubs, knuckles. Need to buy adjustable upper controls arms still, any recommendations? I'm replacing the ball joints and I will be adding lower control arm mounts skids too.
Can I use the pitman arm, draglink and tie rod from my 2002 TJ?

UnlimitedLJ04 10-31-2010 08:03 AM

master overhaul kit should include everything you need to install the ARB. since its a 96, I'd swap the balljoints. I recommend NAPA Lifetime, they're made by Dana. Thats what I used on my HP D30 and no problems yet, alignment check shows chamber has been the same for a few thousand miles now.

you don't NEED adjustable uppers in front. you don't want to extend them anyway. you may actually want to shorten them however, depending on your setup. this will give you some caster back without pushing the diff closer to the track bar. with a HP D30 you really don't have to worry about pinion angle till 5"+ of lift. As for UCA's, I'd recommend either Rokmen or Currie...i've got Rokmen (but they don't adjust shorter than stock). what is useful is adjustable lowers, to push the front out and get the caster you want. I run close to stock caster spec on my HP D30 - 6.5 degrees w/ 33s & 2.5" lift. LCA's are ~16-1/8" long.

The knuckles are exactly the same between the 96 and your housing. you can swap them if you want, but its not entirely necessary. make sure you repair the knuckle divots that have undoubtably worn in both sets of knuckles (Jeep design flaw). here's a write-up on how to fix them: XJ/TJ/ZJ Front Knuckle Repair - Brake Pad Grooves -

yes you can run your pitman arm, draglink and tie-rod from your TJ. I'd suggest upgrading to a V8 ZJ tie-rod tho, the TJ tie-rod is stupid thin and sucks. replace the Clevite bushings in the housing while your at it. i made a press to push them out and push the new ones in.

Moabjeeper 11-14-2010 08:49 PM

Thank for the reply UnlimtedLJ04. :) I'm strapped for money for this project so I was going to try to put in the controls arms I currently have now see how everything comes in then experiment with with either adjustable Uca's or Lca's, when I can afford it. Since this is my first Axle swap this will be a bit of a learning experience for me. I definitely getting Napa lifetime ball joints. I haven't noticed any divots in the knuckles there are however some small dents were I beat the knuckles off the balls joints with a BFH. But I will check again just to make sure. I have the upgraded thicker Tie rod and Track bar so no problems there.

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