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Angelbane 05-02-2014 12:13 AM

Couple of newbie questions
I am in the process of looking for my First Jeep.

One of the things that I have noticed is that I have note seen a single one on a lot with half doors are they really not that popular?

Does anyone happen to know if it is possible to get both the full and half doors?

Being in north Texas the temperature hits 100+ for a lot of the summer but in the winter can also be in the 30's for weeks.
I plan to run topless most of the time. But the full doors would be nice in winter.

I have also noticed that many of the lots that I have been to have only a few 2d Jeeps and a TON of the unlimited ones. Is there anyone that knows the Dallas-Ft Worth area know a good dealer that has a good selection?

I had a lot of other questions but have managed to find most of them thanks to all of the good info here. :D

spinlock 05-02-2014 03:08 AM

Half doors are rare on lots because most owners want full doors so half doors would limit the interested buyers. You have to order them in most cases. If you can swing it (no pun intended :) ) it's really nice to have both

tarditi 05-02-2014 09:26 AM

Full doors for security, can get aftermarket half doors pretty readily on the aftermarket.

geauxwillett 05-02-2014 09:35 AM

If you plan to go topless, have you considered tube doors with netting?

What dealers have you looked at? If a dealer doesn't have what you want on the lot, they can search nearby dealerships to find something closer to what you are looking for.

The Lone Star Jeep Club has Huffines in Lewisville as a sponsor. It's my understanding they give discounted pricing to LSJC members, but I'm not certain as to how much. Join the club then go to the dealer. They are a good club with lots of good folks. And someone is always making a run to Bridgeport to go offroading. :drinks:

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