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98TJsport 11-08-2010 03:42 PM

Intermittent engine bucking problem
So, my Jeep is having this problem where the engine is bucking violently. It has been having this problem intermittently, but lately it seems to have gotten a lot worse. Also, it never throws a CEL. I had thought this was being caused by a bad TPS sensor. About a year ago, I was getting a CEL that said the TPS was bad. So I bought a new sensor and attempted to replace it. I was unable to get the TPS off the throttle body because one of the bolts that holds it on was stripped. Needing to drive the car, I put everything back together with the old TPS sensor, and for some reason the Jeep ran fine. I left it this way the whole time till now, when I started experiencing this bucking issue really bad. So, I think to myself, must be that sensor I never replaced? I already had the new part, so I take the throttle body off, hack off the stripped bolt and replace the sensor. I test drive the car, drove it like 30 miles, and it runs perfect. I'm thinking the Jeep is fixed. Well today,(the day after the test run) my girlfriend calls me to tell the problem is happening again. Anybody have any Ideas on what to look for? Also, when I'm experiencing this problem, the tach and sometimes speedo acts erratically, jumping all over the place, but no change in actual engine speed. This is for a 98 tj 4 liter. I hope this is clear, sorry for the long post:rolleyes: Any ideas are appreciated as I'm new to jeeps. Meanwhile I'll be searching:)

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