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amerijeep 11-23-2005 05:47 PM

What are you thankful for this year? You can say Jeep if you want.
This has been a trying year for alot of us. I consider myself to be very forunate indeed. This thread is to post what you are most thankful for this year. I have lots but I'll keep it short.

I'm thankful for my family and especially my wife. I'm thankful that I still have a home and a job. Most of all, I'm thankful for what everyone has done for us down here after the hurricanes tried to bring us down here in Mississippi. Help has been coming in from all over the country and all over the world.

Thanks, Everyone, for helping these people.

quadna71 11-24-2005 09:33 AM

i know that i can say i'm most thankful for my fiance this year. the year's been a long one for us - and uncle sam sending me over here through the holidays hasn't helped things. but she's put up with my having to leave on short notice and all the other things that go along with a military career. i consider myself lucky to have her and can't wait to see her in january!!! aside from that, i'd say my health, friends, and Jeep(s).

amerijeep 11-24-2005 11:46 AM

quadna71. You made me realize that I am most thankful for you and the job you are doing.

Thank you, Bro.

Blwndr83 11-24-2005 11:48 AM

I'm thankful for my family, friends, for all the soldiers over in Iraq, the people that have dedicated time to the hurricane relief, and overall I"m just thankful to be alive.

4Jeepn 11-24-2005 05:45 PM

Thankful for family, friends, those who protect us, and the freedoms we have.

daddyjeep 11-24-2005 08:44 PM

I am thankful for my wife who puts up with my Jeep addiction most of the time and my two boys who are also showing signs of the sickness. I am also thankful for the perfect job that I have been looking for for a long time.

jeeptales 11-28-2005 04:21 PM

As you may recall; earlier this summer I was debating on how to squeeze in several events over the course of an eight day trip. Initially, my plan was to attend the Red River NM. Jeep Jamboree one weekend, and then make my way to Amarillo for the Palo Duro Challenge the following week. My thought was to travel to El Paso and sandwich in a visit to with my family for a few days between the two weekends. About three weeks before I was going to leave for the trip my Grandfather was diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer. His doctor predicted that he would expire in four to six months. When I learned about this I felt compelled to ask my fellow Jeepers what they though about going through with my travel plans. Over the following weeks I was amazed at how many folks took time out to send me an email or card of support with whishes for myself and my family.

Since then, almost every time I talk to one of you on the phone or see any of you in person inevitably you will display an outpouring of support and ask about how my Grandfather is doing. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that has meant to me and my family.

Now that the Thanksgiving Holiday is here I thought I would take just a few seconds to update you on the situation.

For starters, I elected not to go off-roading either weekend; instead, my daughter and I went to El Paso and spent time with our family and my Grandfather. I spent the majority of the weekend visiting with everyone and cooking all of my Grandfather’s favorite dishes (Chicken Tortilla Soup, and Shrimp Scampi).

About two weeks ago the bad days started to outnumber the good days for my Grandfather and his doctor is convinced that there is not much time left. Later tonight I’m driving to Dallas and I’m going to fly to El Paso with my little sister and her kids so I can spend more precious time with him. I’m not to sure when I will get back to San Antonio, so I will see how things go over the next few days.

This Thanksgiving I have several things to be thankful for I would like to share with you:
  • I’m thankful for every extra second I’ve gotten to spend with and my family.
  • I’m thankful that I have an employer that allows me the flexibility to go home when I need to.
  • I’m thankful for the support my Wife and Daughter have given me through this difficult time.
  • I’m thankful that my Grandfather is surrounded by a loving family.
  • I’m thankful I’ve gotten to speak to my Grandparents virtually every night for the past 15 years.
  • I’m thankful for all the life lessons my Grandfather taught me over the years.
  • I’m thankful to live in the United States and for US Troops all over the world, who keeps us safe.
  • I’m thankful my family has had the opportunity to tell my Grandfather just how much they love him.
  • I’m thankful to have a job I love.
  • I’m thankful for all the support you all have offered me over the past few months.

I will work at keeping you posted on any developments with my Grandfather condition.

I also wanted to let you know we added a new sponsor this week the Good Folks at Pabst Brewery will be supplying us with plenty of Lone Star and Lone Star Light (The National Beer of Texas) at any of the 2006 Jeep Jamborees which JeepTales is covering. That way once our Jeeps are put away for the night we can all kick back and Relax with a few cold one as we are recording our PodCast.

Please don’t forget Registration for the 2006 Jeep Jamboree Season will open a week from Thursday, you’ll be THANKFUL you registered of it early.

jeeperman 11-28-2005 04:24 PM

This has been a great year for me... I am thankful for my new wife of just over a month now, I am thankful for my father's cancer going into remission, and I am thankful that I have extra time to spend four wheeling and hanging out with friends and family!

drummerwookie 11-30-2005 06:48 AM

im thankful for damn near everything i have...honestly my jeep isnt that high on my list...but im thankful more so for the fact, that im able to have it.....also im thankful for my family, my best friends, dan, justin, and aj who are always there to help me out if i really need it, my life, and my freedom

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