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mudpuppy98 11-12-2010 01:33 PM

Help buying a jeep
I have $5000 to buy a jeep and have a couple options. thought I would get some help.

I can buy a 1999 6cyl with 200K miles (wow) that is in real clean a good looking shape. Said he would take 5K but I think he will come down slightly from that.


I can buy a 1997 4cl with 120K miles for about the same price.

I know the engines are good but 200K? He has only replaced the radiator on it. (The 99)... appears to be well serviced. I know I would rather have a 6cyl but I am not sure the mileage is worth it... I want this to potentially be a daily driver.

So what is better, a 4cyl with less miles or the 6cyl with high high mileage?

Gate53 11-12-2010 02:12 PM

I like my 4 cyl but it's what you want that counts. Offroad there is little differance in the 4 and 6 unless all you want to do is throw mud. I do trails, rocks, and hills and the 4 will go where I point it. 200k is a lot for most motors and a Jeep 6 can take it DEPENDING on how well it was treated. I would be shy of it unless I knew the person who had owned it and knew how it was cared for. With all used Jeeps you need to know what your looking at and 5K for a 99 is a good price, maybe to good. Are the any modifications? Any signs of it being offroaded? The place to look for is the underside, things dented or bent, fluid leaks, etc... The 97 4banger seems a little high but it could be that it's never been offroad and was treated like a princes. You just never know. Good luck and some pics would make things easier.

mudpuppy98 11-13-2010 09:41 AM

I realize that I will have to work on either engine at some point. Is one easier/cheaper/better to work on than the other? The 6 look. Very clean and the 4 us ok. Looks like the 4 has been drove slightly harder than the 6.

NewYJOwner 11-13-2010 11:17 AM

If you intend to lift it and throw big (33 to 35 inch) tires on it go with the six to turn them. if it's a daily driver and highway use you can go with the four cyl. It's a toss up not knowing what you intend to do with or to it.

doughenry 11-13-2010 07:39 PM

In own a 99 with the four banger running 35 km2s 4.88 gears,its not the most powerfull setup but it's not that bad, use it mostly offroad its flawless at that.Onroad it doesn't have the get up and go but its a JEEP not a Ferrari,I like my four banger

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