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Moroney167 11-15-2010 03:54 PM

Door/hood hindges Paint or buy new?
Whoever had Jeep before i got it must have swapped all of it. There all Stainless steel an ugly as could be. Also all ALLEN head bolts instead of TORX as many said they are stock. So I want them black. A bit pricey to buy all new but not a bad idea to just run around and change. How are some of these aftermarket hindges you see on ebay an other offroad stores. Cheap stuff. like 60 for the hole hood kit and then the rest. So 60 for doors, then I need to either repaint my corroded mirrors or just buy new. Suggestions am I gettin ahead of myself. I was thinkni go buy a gallon of HERCULINER an just get wild with it tonight. Make things black and run it.

Also to add windshield lights that I want do I need to buy that bracket to replace and give me the tab for a light, or is there a simpler way. I love weldin haha.


KeeblerKO 11-15-2010 04:26 PM

Most of the windshield light mount brackets you simply bolt on over top of the existing top portion of the hinge. Just gotta take the Torx bolts out.

Most of those large torx bolts on the body of my Jeep I replaced with regular bolts for in the event I ever need to take them off again. Makes it easier. I think the only torx bolts I have left on the outside of my Jeep are the two under each arm of the tailgate hinge--the ones that need to be flush for the tailgate to close--and the front most bolt on each hood hinge.

The factory paints those torx bolts in, so if you bedline over them you'll be painting them in further. Just a precaution.

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