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cadcoo 11-16-2010 05:00 PM

'03 sahara won't start without pedal depression and dies when released
HELP! I have had issues with my jeep since I purchased it used a couple years ago. Thousands of dollars between 2 dealerships later no one could tell me what was wrong so I said "I will run it until it dies and maybe then y'all will find it". Today she is on the respirator and hanging by a thread :(. UGH..I went to start her today and she wouldn't start unless the pedal was depressed and the second I let it go she dies. I put a carburetor and fuel injection cleaner in it like I always do the last time I was in it...but I can't think that has anything to do with it. But what do I know...anyone have any ideas where I can start looking for a problem? If it's something easy I would love to try it myself instead of getting raked over the coals by mechanics again. Thanks in advance!

This is what I've had done since I bought her:

visit 1:
clean intake system and injectors
replaced spark plugs
service front differential
replaced cam sensor
service rear differential

visit 2:
replaced coil pack

visit 3:
replaced #3 injector and injector sleeve

visit 4:
replaced PCM

All of this b/c vehicle would start and idle rough or not start at all or backfire. Still does it every now and again....but it's been a while. Now doing what I typed at the top. GRRR

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