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streetstar 11-17-2010 09:18 PM

Problems with high mileage 4 - bangers?
Am purchasing my first Jeep, and was almost set on a '93 YJ, but it had a bikini top and no doors, so after i began adding up the costs to replace that stuff, i realized that the "cheap Jeep" i was looking at was not such a great deal ------
but found a '99 TJ for a reasonable price, but the kicker -- 157k on the clock ---

Realizing that lifespans of anything depends a lot on how something was treated --- is there anything in general that just starts going wrong with these around this time, or are there plenty of them running around with high miles?

Price is low enough that re-doing a few things or replacing a clutch wouldn't be a stretch, but rebuilding an engine right off the bat would be a pain

Thanks in advance -- i realize its a pretty broad stroke question

97'wrangler 11-17-2010 10:12 PM

My 97' wrangler TJ has 200,000 on it, and it's a 4cyl. Manual. Nothing wrong with it... Jeeps last for ever if you do the usual maintainence and love. And I no a bunch of people with late 90s cherokee's with over 250,000 on them and run great...
You with love your Jeep! It's and addiction... :)

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