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YJ Jeep Freak 11-21-2010 08:19 AM

Caliper mounting bolt torque is?
I have a 1990 YJ and I am having trouble with mounting the caliper. The torque specs I have found for it says that if its a 1987-1989 the torque should be 25-32. If its a 1990 and newer it should be 132. I had the original 13 mm 12 pt bolts(gold in color, like a hardened bolt), but now have broke 2 of them and I didnt even get to 75 ft. lbs.. Could I have a early 1990 that would have had the lower torqued bolts and how would I know? I dont want to find out what would happens if I go with 100 ft. lbs. less then what it might need.:wavey:

sppfields 11-21-2010 09:42 AM

Are you sure its not inch pounds on the 132?

YJ Jeep Freak 11-21-2010 10:35 AM

Thanks! Your right. Thats what I get for assuming, except leave you out of it. So converting it to ft. lbs. would be about 11?:wavey:

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