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Green Bay TJ 11-21-2010 10:04 AM

PS Steering Box Skid Plate Install
Anyone install a Poison Spyder steering box skid plate? I have one at home waiting for me to install. Uses 3 existing bolts plus one that needs to have a hole drilled. Question is on the one that needs to be drilled. Looks like this hole goes through the bumper into the tubular frame cross member. Also looks like I will need to get a nut and wrench inside the frame. Am I missing something here? Or can I install w/o the 4th bolt?

Dockman4 11-21-2010 11:25 AM

I installed one recently. It wasn't a poison sprider, it was a teraflex, but I had to drill the hole too. I just bolted it all up, marked the spot where the hole needed to be, took it off, drilled the hole and used the self tapping screw (a big one) a reinstaled it. Worked great. Don't do what I did though, I drilled the hole a little bigger than I was suppose to (didn't have the right size bit, oops) and had to run to the parts store for a little bigger self tapper. You really shouldn't have any problem. It's super easy. That bolt does go into that tubular cross member. Also, while you're drilling out that hole...use some eye protection. I won't go into why I'm suggesting that one, let's just say experience. I don't know about the nut and wrench inside the frame. Mine only has 3 bolts: 2 existing bolts and the one I had to drill.

Green Bay TJ 11-21-2010 01:08 PM

Thanks. PS actually supplies a bolt with a nylock nut and two washers. No idea of how to get the nut and washer inside the frame crossmember and secured. Maybe things will make sense once I start the install. The plate uses the two side bolts in the steering box as well as the bottom Torx bolt that holds the bumper on. Or maybe I'll just buy a large self threading screw like was included in your Teraflex kit. Regarding eye protection - most important tool in my toolbag. Will be talking to my son about tools for one of his cub scout requirements. This will be the first thing I mention.

rrich 11-21-2010 01:28 PM

I think you'll find that attachment point isn't the frame, but the bumper. A stock bumper is easy - the back side is open - just reach in.

Tube bumpers may be harder. If the end is closed shut, use a self tapper.
If the end is open, tape the nut to a long wire or screwdriver and sneak it down inside, or use a self tapper.
As you tighten the bolt underneath, the nut pulls down against the curvature of the round, the nut's flats jam into it, allowing you to get it tight.

Green Bay TJ 11-21-2010 01:35 PM

Yes. Stock bumper. Looks like the tube crossmember gets stuffed into the open part of the stock bumper so no apparent access. I have not tried install yet. Might be a good time to lose the front milkjugs. Things may look different when I try to install. Just have to do it. But may just buy a self threader and be done with it.

Green Bay TJ 11-21-2010 03:54 PM

I installed the plate with the three existing bolts. Looks like the 4 th bolt I need to drill the hole for mounts to the bumper only. Only wayto do this will be to drill the hole in the bumper then remove the bumper and skid plate. Then install the skid plate on the bumper and reinstall both parts to the frame and steering box. Not a bad job except for the fog lights which are probably rusted on.

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