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rripror 11-23-2010 04:41 PM

Road salt and alloy rims
...was talking to the folks at 'national tire' about wheels for the kid's car, alloy rims to be precise, and he asked if these were for year round. Yes they were. He frowned on that deal and said winters will beat the hell out of alloy rims.:banghead:

... I have 'pro-comp 7069's' on the 'rat patrol' and planned on hitting the manual car wash once every couple of weeks to clean off all the salt and what not.:cool: question to the 'bretheren' in the snow belt is : what's your experience (long and short term) with this issue and alloy wheels?:wavey:

Ibuildembig 11-23-2010 04:43 PM

Just get a bottle of buschs' aluminum sealer and you will be just fine....we use it on Weld and Alcoa wheels here with no issues come spring

rripror 11-23-2010 06:41 PM will work on the flat black wheels? I was thinking it would be just for the chrome or silver wheels.:confused:

InfernoGirl 11-23-2010 06:45 PM

Any thing that seals them will help.... It's just a barrier between the elements and the finish on the wheel, regardless of what the finish is....

rripror 11-24-2010 08:55 AM old 'hot rodder' buddy of mine said 'back in the day' they use to get a couple of fingers full of bearing grease and just applied a thin layer of grease all over the exposed parts of the wheel.:eek:

...clean it all off in the spring and it's a done deal.;)

...i'll have to look up this 'busch's' product.:cool:

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