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bluetj99 11-28-2005 06:21 PM

lift specs...
me and my dad have just ordered a three inch susp. lift from 4wd magazine. i have to buy the rims and tires myself so ill be here for a while. should i wait and put the lift on later or just put it on right now? what are the problems with doin that? will i die if i take a turn faster than 25? thanks for the responses... i need all the help i can get, my dad is a do-it-yourself guy.

4Jeepn 11-28-2005 07:55 PM

Well I used to drive my 4.5" lift around on 30" stock tire and rims..for street use, as I had to drive 50 miles one way to work and that would have killed my 33 swampers.Looked odd as hell, but it works fine.. Just remember your in a lifted jeep with small tires.. so be careful on turns etc. what kind of lift did you go with and what kind of tires?

jeeperman 11-29-2005 10:53 AM

Will just look goofy. You shouldn't have any issues with the handling (at least no more than with the larger tires. (Remember, the larger tires will make your Jeep taller as well) I drove mine for a couple of weeks, until I got all the kinks worked out and a proper alignment done, to install the 35's that I am running now. Until I did, I was running 6" of lift with 31" tires. :eek: Talk about goofy looking! :rolleyes:

Jerry Bransford 11-29-2005 11:11 AM

It won't look as good without the new tires and wheels but why not. Plenty of people do it that way, just drive it with common sense and it'll be fine.

It will need an alignment after the lift is installed which is nothing more than adjusting the toe-in and straightening the steering wheel. Nothing else is adjustable, not the camber angle nor the caster angle (unless your lift has adjustable-length control arms) but neither of those will need adjusting anyway. So there is no need to pay anyone to do your alignment since you can easily and quite accurately set the toe-in and straighten the steering wheel with only a few common tools. Set your toe-in to 1/8" per the instructions at and your alignment is done. No need to spend $60-80 for something you can do as accurately in just a few minutes. :)

bluetj99 12-01-2005 08:11 PM

i went with a r.e. 3" suspension lift and 32" BFG MT's.... i dont guess it will look that goofy, although the guy who had them before decided that the street tires he had in his garage were just too good to waste, so he put skinny and small tires on the poor thing. it will look goofy, no doubt.

bluetj99 12-02-2005 03:14 PM

sorry, there is a typo, its and R.E. 3.5" lift.

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