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busterboy1972 11-30-2010 09:09 PM

meyer plow on 93 yj
OK..another plow question...i bought a 93 yj with the purpose of plowing..I also bought a 6.5' meyer w/the e47 plow pump. the meyer plow is an older..heavier one.

i put the plow on the jeep today and the front end is sagging way down. the axle is resting on the rubber bump stop.

questions- for the people with you run helper springs or air shocks.

Glenn91YJ 12-01-2010 09:12 AM

If you have the original stock springs chances are they were flat to begin with. I had a 6.5' Fisher Speedcast on a 91 Toyota truck and it was a lot of weight on it. Chances are the Meyer is in the same class and is probably too heavy for the Jeep. I have a 91 YJ with a 4" lift and 5/8" boom shackles and just put a personal plow setup on it because I didn't want to run a commercial plow setup on the Jeep. I think they're just too heavy. I don't think air shocks would be the way to go. Beefing up the springs would be the answer.

If you're looking just for something for personal use here's what I did...

Just food for thought.

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