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Snoworks 12-05-2010 05:58 PM

Brake light on/2000 jeep
My brake light has been on in my 2000 Wrangler for a couple of days. The brakes have been and still are working fine. Over the weekend i change all the brakes, front and backs, as well as the drums and rotors. During the brake repair I notice that the driver side rear brake cylinder is leaking. I change this out also and put everything back together. After the brake job and repairs, the brake light is still on. I checked and ruled out the emergency brake.

Any suggestions? What else can I check?

Tackelbarry 12-05-2010 06:59 PM

I am just guessing, but being a 2000 you might have to reset the computer code because it is a OBDII. Hopefully, other more, knowledgeable Jeep owners will chime in.

JD Adams 12-05-2010 07:23 PM

The light indicated that there was a pressure differential between front/rear circuits. If you've repaired the leak, the switch should reset itself during the fluid bleeding process when you step on the pedal firmly. If not, you should clear the code manually. Some older switches needed to be removed and manually reset. It is also possible that you just left your E-brake set.

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