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adkjoe 12-06-2010 05:28 PM

Short and sweet KM2 snow report
A lot of people ask how mud tires are in the snow. Well living in northern new England most of my life I know snow driving.

I recently put a set of 33" km2's on my wrangler and have been waiting to try them out. I've used quite a bit of assorted mud and trail tires over the years on Cherokees and wranglers.

Anyway, the km2's are amazing at keeping you going forward and churning through just about anything. We finally got a big snow storm up this way that dumped lots of snow. Took it out in the farm field and it just kept trucking right through it all as I expected no problems. If you don't know anything about VT they don't use much salt up here especially where I live. Most of the roads I drive are considered a "no salt zone" they are plowed occasionally but no salt or salt brine is put on the roads. I prefer it this way as it keeps the snow deep on the roads and aids in traction and doesn't create snow pot holes. Km2's did great.

On roads that see a lot of traffic and are packed down with ice and snow the km2's were a little squirrelly because the Jeep is so light and there was nothing for them to dig into so they were floating around. Trying to stop? forget it. These things will keep you going through just about anything but with there big smooth lugs there terrible for stopping just like most mud tires. I think I'm really going to enjoy these this winter, they have great traction in deep snow and good climbing power, those lugs just dig and dig. I would definitely recommend them for use in the snow if your an experienced snow driver and want an offroad tire you can use year round, of coarse there is no substitute for a good studded snow tire, but if your compromising these are great. For packed snow covered highway roads you might want to find a different tire but for my driving style and needs these get an A+

EdJonesJeeper 12-06-2010 05:33 PM

Nice report!

I've owned old bfg's and loved them but found them to be too soft and wear out quickly on my XJ. How is the wear of the new KM2? I didn't know if they switched the compound.

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