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Ericrosenberg88 12-07-2010 01:25 PM

Question About Rear Track Bar
Ok so i got my jeep back in February of this year. It was about 7 months when i realized that the rear track bar was not even connected to the axel. I noticed everytime i hit a bump or turned sharp that i would hear it make a "clunk" noise but couldnt figure out what it was until i saw the track bar just hitting the bracket where it should have been bolted down.

my jeep is a 98 and has a 2inch lift (i did not put the lift on)

The jeep drove PERFECT, never had any wobble, turning, shaking, nothing! A trip off road however broke one of my sway bar connects. So i took the sway bar off (no big deal). Still drove GREAT! (no sway bar, no rear track bar).

then i started to notice that the front axle was off to the driver side by about two inches (reading up i realized it was cause of the lift and stock track bar. (still no big)

So i got new sway bar connects, put it back on... put the right side of the jeep on a hill so i could bolt the rear track bar back down... everything fixed and bolted down (except the front axle off centered)...

NOW it shakes at 75 mph, and when i turn i can def feel the death wobble shaking the front end. I have tightened everything down so my guess is it is either the sway bar making the front end worse with it being off centered.. OR the fact that i bolted down the rear track bar.

since i drove 7 months without a track bar in the rear (doing speeds of 85mpg at times and no problems) is that ok to remove? i have read that yj's are ok to remove because they have leafs or something, so im kinda confused.

any help???

tomorrow i am going to check bolts again, remove the sway bar, move the back tires to the front, and front to the back... just to check...


snwchris 12-07-2010 03:11 PM

The trackbar needs to be in there to help keep the axle located properly. The only time I've seen them removed is if doing a Tri-Angulated rear or 4link rear and it's mainly a trail rig.

Ericrosenberg88 12-07-2010 03:30 PM

Hm ok I see what you mean ...

Gnarchild 02-26-2011 08:28 AM

i have wobbles also at 75 but reason for mine is my tires not being balanced right and my front steering shock is week, im have a 4 inch lift on mine still with no front sway bar connects or track bars. i have the bars just not the relocation bracket for the front nor the right size star socket the get it off.

TexasT 02-26-2011 08:46 AM

As said, the track bars are an integral part of your jeep and the axles need to be centered. If it is off that much in the front then the track bar needs to be repositioned or adjusted. You can change the mounting position on the axle side but I recommend getting an adjustable front track bar which will help your current problem and if you decide to change can be adjusted to accommodate.

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