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rics1997 12-07-2010 04:20 PM

3/4" front leveler with stiffer springs
Here is the problem. I just had a new XHD bumper installed with a winch. After 4 days the front end has settled down to 3/4" drop from were it was before I got the new bumper. The thing is it also raised my rear end up 3/4" so now it looks like my jeep is at a slope when sitting level. That is actually 1 1/2" from back to front just because of the bumper alone.

I had the weakest coil spring of "15" up front and "54" on back. I just bought the stock stiff springs of "19" up front and "60" back. Many claim this will actually raise the Jeep up to an inch. But what I wonder will this even fix the front pulling the back up?

So would it help even more if I buy a 3/4" leveling kit for the front while I am exchanging the new stiffer coils and will this effect the shocks?

rics1997 12-07-2010 06:29 PM

Well I was hoping someone had some insight on this. Been looking around and Teraflex seems to be thought of as a good leveling spacer and found some on sale. But the have no 3/4". They carry 1/2" and 1" front leveling spacer on sale for 26.59 1/2" and 29.44 for 1"

So the debate still is should I use them and which. I just want to level the jeep not make the front higher then the back since these only go on the front. Like to use the 1" but not sure if it would be too much. especially since I don't plan on changing any other front end part.

daggo66 12-07-2010 07:26 PM

The stiffer springs shoul dsolve your problem. I doubt very much that the bumper pulled the back up. It just looks that way. BTW, 15 is not the lowest. 13 is. I had 15's in the front and 54's in the back. When I put in the 19's and 60's, I gained a full 2 inches all the way around.

rics1997 12-07-2010 08:37 PM

lol I had 3/4" on the brain. The rear went up 1/4". I measured before the bumper was changed both front and rear and remeasured it sitting in the same location afterwards. The front has dropped 3/4" and rear is 1/4" higher. I assume from the center of gravity being shifted with the heavier front end. Thanks for your thought on the leveling springs.

perkalater79 10-31-2011 06:42 PM

I'm having the same debate with my dealership before installing a bumper/winch on my new rubicon. I was going for a 1" spacer all the way around. Based on the research I've done it seems like 3/4" will take care of the front sag.

My goal was to put the MOPAR off road bumper on the front with a Warn winch and the matching bumper on the back.

I was hoping this would nearly level it out or maybe drop slightly in the front.

What year is your JK? What trim? I've got a '12 rubicon unlimited.

I'm gonna look up the bumper you've got. The dealer was telling me if he knew the weight he could better advise whet to do.

The problem with the '12 is that there are currently no lifts certified for it due to the exhaust redirect issues - it interferes with the drive shaft.

Thanks for your help.

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