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kilz42 12-09-2010 07:39 AM

Front Driveshaft and Pinion Issue
Hey guys

I crawled under the ole YJ last night (in the 25 degree weather) and did a little testing. Looks like my front driveshaft u-joints are shot as well as the wheel/axle u-joints. The pinion bearings in there look loose and when I rotated the driveshaft and looked in the fill plug hole the ring and pinion are chewed up. The front driveshaft can rotate about a half turn before it engages the bueno. Here's my issue..I have been experiencing what feel like either I'm drop shifting it at high rpm's or my brakes seizing. I think its related to the driveshaft issue since it's always spinning because of my locker . But this morning for instance I was in 1st gear and it did the "seizing/drop shifting" thing and it literally locked up my tires and I was skidding rubber on the road...Seems kinda extreme. If the gears in the front diff were a little off from the rear and then suddenly they engaged and tried spinning would it cause that issue? Seems like it could be just wanted a little verification..:banghead:

4Jeepn 12-09-2010 07:59 AM

Sounds like you need to remove the diff cover plate to see what you really have in the gear dept and the damage. I would of course change the u-joints. My concern on the gears, if they are as bad as you thing, would be that they decide to blow up while your driving and well that is not a good thing.

kilz42 12-09-2010 09:52 AM

Yea the idea of every gear in the front diff suddenly being engaged and mangling the crap out of the whole pumpkin isn't the most pleasant. I've never done this before...but could I disconnect the front driveshaft completely and drive it without it until I can get it fixed? I've never had to deal with disconnecting them before so I'm a fish outta water as far as that goes. I've delt with pretty much everything else tho haha.

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